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BlazeBags is a smell-proof bag company made by stoners, for stoners.  We believe if you are a responsible adult, you should be able to enjoy whatever you like!  With this belief in mind, we set out to create smell proof storage and transport solutions with discretion, style and security as our focus.  And we succeeded.  Welcome to the BlazeBags Era!

All of our BlazeBags come equipped with Five Layer Activated Carbon Filter Technology that trap odors and smells!! Carry a BlazeBags and never stink again!!

BlazeBags structure

From a casual night out to a smoke out in the forest, BlazeBags has a smell proof bag for you! Check out our Backpacks!


What good is a BlazeBags without anything to put inside? BagBuddies are the latest in stoner innovation! From cellphone grinders to CannaPuck Storage and more, we got you! Check out our collection!


Need security and style? Check out our Smell Proof stashBox!!

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