Boise Hemp Fest

Flyer for the 2024 Boise Hempfest on May 11 2024

BlazeBags heads to boise hempfest: igniting safe cannabis storage in idaho

Time to hit the Highway Again!

The 8th annual Boise Hempfest on May 11th, 2024, marks our second out-of-state show and our first foray into Idaho. This event, a cornerstone of cannabis education and reform in a state with zero-tolerance laws, presents a unique opportunity to introduce BlazeBags' innovative transport and storage solutions.

While Idaho hasn't yet legalized cannabis, a growing movement for reform is evident at Boise Hempfest. This peaceful protest, filled with live music, speakers, vendors, and educational resources, aims to dispel misinformation and advocate for responsible cannabis use. BlazeBags aligns perfectly with this mission by providing safe, discreet, and odor-proof solutions for those who choose to consume cannabis legally in neighboring states.

By showcasing our products at Boise Hempfest, we can connect with a community passionate about cannabis education and responsible consumption. We'll demonstrate how BlazeBags empower individuals to transport and store their cannabis safely and discreetly, even when traveling to and from states with legal recreational use. Our presence at this event signifies not just our commitment to expanding our reach but also our support for the ongoing movement towards responsible cannabis reform in Idaho.

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