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BlazeBags is packing our bags!!!

BlazeBags ventures outside Montana for the first time! Catch us at the Lucky Leaf Expo Minneapolis (April 26-27) – a key event for Minnesota's growing medical cannabis industry. Network with fellow professionals, explore exhibitor booths, and learn about the latest trends. Don't miss this chance to join the green rush on the ground floor!

BlazeBags Sprouts Roots in Minnesota: A Recap of the Lucky Leaf Expo Minneapolis!
Lucky Leaf expo welcome sign for the 2024 Minnesota show
A Historic First Step: BlazeBags Takes the Stage at the Lucky Leaf Expo!
The Lucky Leaf Expo Minneapolis, held on April 26th and 27th, 2024, marked a significant milestone for BlazeBags – our first-ever event outside of Montana! This exciting venture not only signified the second stop on our 2024 nationwide tour, but also presented a unique opportunity to connect with a burgeoning cannabis market in Minnesota.

Minnesota's Green Rush: A Budding Market Welcomes BlazeBags

Minnesota's newly legal cannabis program is experiencing exciting growth, and the Lucky Leaf Expo served as a crucial platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to connect and explore this evolving landscape. As one of the latest states to legalize recreational cannabis, Minnesota is still establishing its infrastructure. This presented a strategic advantage for BlazeBags, allowing us to enter the market at the ground floor and become a part of its early development.

Standing Out from the Crowd: The Only Smell-Proof Bag Company
The Lucky Leaf Expo brought together a diverse range of exhibitors. However, BlazeBags held a unique distinction – we were the only smell-proof bag company present at the event. This competitive edge allowed us to capture significant attention from attendees and showcase our innovative line of products to a market eager for solutions.

Record-Breaking Sales and Expanding Our Community

The enthusiastic response from attendees at the Lucky Leaf Expo translated into record-breaking sales for BlazeBags. Our smell-proof bags and accessories resonated with the Minnesota cannabis community, highlighting the value they bring to a market experiencing rapid growth.
Beyond the sales success, we were thrilled to add 90 confirmed contacts to our mailing list. This allows us to stay connected with this new segment of our growing community, share updates about BlazeBags, and keep them informed about future promotions and events in Minnesota.
The Dutchie afterparty for the Lucky Leaf Expo 2024 Minnesota show
Building Connections Beyond Borders
The Lucky Leaf Expo wasn't just about connecting with the Minnesota market. The event provided a valuable opportunity to forge relationships with industry professionals from surrounding markets as well. These connections will be instrumental in expanding our reach and establishing BlazeBags as a leading brand across the region.

A Resounding Success: Setting the Stage for Continued Growth

The Lucky Leaf Expo Minneapolis was a resounding success for BlazeBags on multiple levels. It marked our successful entry into a new market, allowed us to connect with a passionate cannabis community, and established valuable connections within the industry. The positive reception, record-breaking sales, and expanded network we gained at this event have fueled our momentum as we continue our nationwide tour.
Looking Ahead: Cultivating Relationships and Growth in Minnesota

The success of the Lucky Leaf Expo has solidified our commitment to the Minnesota market. We are committed to cultivating the relationships we established at the event and look forward to participating in future Minnesota cannabis events. As the market continues to evolve, BlazeBags will be there to provide Minnesotan cannabis enthusiasts with innovative and reliable smell-proof storage solutions.
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