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BlazeBags ArkSpark Plasma Lighter



🔥 RECHARGEABLE – No more dealing with toxic elements like fuel or butane!  Simply charge your lighter for dependable, on the go lighting, whenever you need it!
🔥 WATERPROOF & WINDPROOF – Light up anywhere under any circumstance.  Never be caught in the dark again.  Wind, rain, snow?  It doesn’t matter!  The ArkSpark is element proof!!
🔥 USAGE – Just touch the top-facing dual arcs to anything flammable and you’ll have instant fire. Can be used 300 times per charge, with 10 second safety time-out.
🔥 This will be the last lighter you will ever need!!!

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This is one lighter that you wont want to ditch!

The BlazeBags ArkSpark is just what every responsible stoner needs.  No more worrying about the elements.  No more worrying about harmful fuel or butane.  The ArkSpark is a plasma lighter that is rechargeable, weather proof and stylish, giving you many years of enjoyment.



How does it work?

Plasma is a basic type of matter that is the most prevalent in the universe. With the BlazeBags ArcSpark, a high voltage of electricity passes between two nodes to create a highly charged arc of plasma.  The plasma then creates the heat to light the intended object like paper, a candle or a wick.  ArcSparks are perfect for blunt, joint and cigarette smokers.

ArcSparks are rechargeable, so no more buying butane.  This lighter will actually save you money as well as the environment, as most butane filled lighters end up in the landfill.


Be a responsible stoner and grab your BlazeBags ArcSpark today!!

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Ice Black, Ice Blue, Ice Silver, Ice Rainbow


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