BlazeBags Rolling Tray

Rolling Tray


🔥 7 * 5.5 in custom tray with lid!
🔥 Six unique designs!
🔥 Use the magnetic lid to keep contents secure!
🔥 Makes the perfect gift!



Unveiling Artistry in Every Roll

Dive into a world where art meets functionality with BlazeBags’ exclusive collection of rolling trays. Crafted meticulously by four distinct artists, each tray tells a story, making every roll a journey.

  • OG Tray: Embrace the essence of BlazeBags with our iconic logo and slogan. A classic choice for those who cherish authenticity.   


  • Smoking Sistah: A tribute to empowerment and style. Watch as a fierce black woman exhales a cloud of smoke, gracefully morphing into her afro, symbolizing strength and freedom.


  • Father Earth: Venture into the cosmos with an old sage, exhaling magical smoke amidst a backdrop of shimmering planets. A design that resonates with wisdom and wonder.


  • Johnny Blaze Bag: Urban vibes meet BlazeBags. A hip-hop-inspired young man, donned in trendy attire, spray paints our brand onto the canvas of the streets.

  • Cannabis Caboose: All aboard the green express! A whimsical train, crafted from a marijuana nugget, chugs along, leaving a trail of enchantment.

  • Chronic Escape: Witness the ethereal ascent of a marijuana leaf, as it transforms into wisps of smoke, symbolizing the fleeting beauty of moments.

Each tray, measuring a convenient 18 x 14 cm, is equipped with a magnetic top, ensuring your contents remain secure, even on the go. The perfect blend of size and sturdiness, these trays are not just accessories but companions for those cherished moments.

Why Choose BlazeBags Rolling Trays?

  • Exclusive Artwork: Unique designs by four talented artists, available only at BlazeBags.
  • Functionality Meets Style: Not just a tray, but a statement piece.
  • Magnetic Security: Roll with confidence, knowing your contents are safe.

Elevate your rolling experience. Step away from the mundane and embrace art with BlazeBags. Collect them all and let every roll be a masterpiece.

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OG Tray, Father Earth, Jonny BlazeBags, Cannabis Caboose, Smokin Sistah, Chronic Escape


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