The Cell Phone Grinder


The Cell Phone Grinder


?Compact design makes the Cell Phone Grinder ideal for grinding on the go!
?Compatible with iPhone Lightning port, USB-C and Micro USB
?Perfect for grinding small amounts!  The Cell Phone grinder is a joint, pipe or blunts best friend!
?Collect all three colors!!



A new, fun way to grind your herbs!

Tired of sore wrists?  The BlazeBags Cell Phone Grinder takes the task of grinding your herbs right out of your hands!  This handy little grinder is unlike any other you’ve ever seen and is an instant conversation piece.  From the moment you pull your Cell Phone Grinder out, you will be the center of attention!

How Does It Work?

The Cell Phone Grinder comes equipped with 3 USB connections.  USB-C, Micro USB and an iPhone Lightning Port, making it compatible with all connection types.  Simply unscrew the collection cup, fill it no more then 2/3 full, reattach the cup, and plug your grinder into a USB port.  The grinder does the rest.  It really is that simple!

Is it Good for Large Quantities?

The Cell Phone Grinder is good for small quantities of herb.  There is a safety feature built in to stop the blades if they are met with too much resistance to ensure the safety of the operator.  The blades will stop if the Cell Phone Grinder is overloaded.  If this happens, simply reseat the grinder and begin again.

The Cell Phone Grinder is Great For:

  • Grinding small amounts of your favorite herbs
  • Breaking the ice in social settings
  • Taking with you to grind on the go
  • Gifting to friends!


The Cell Phone Grinder is available in three colors:  Blue, Black and Red.  Collect all three today!!



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Blue, Black, Red


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