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The CannaPuck

(3 customer reviews)



🔥 Carry up to five grams of your favorite ground-up herb wherever you go!
🔥 Small and compact!  Weighs just over an OZ.  Carry anywhere
🔥 Aircraft aluminum keeps UV light out, preserves your stash and is INDESTRUCTABLE!!!!
🔥 Interlocking rubber sealed system makes the CannaPuck smell and water proof.  Submerge it in water for as long as you like.  Its contents always comes out dry!
🔥 Comes in 4 colors! Black, Blue, Purple and Gray. Collect them all!!!

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Stop stinking when you shouldn’t!!

Stinking while you are smoking is ok but what about when the session is over?  Don’t want to leave the smoke session with a stinky zip-lock bag?  Well bring your CannaPuck!!  Storing up to 5 grams of ground herb this sleek, small package packs a wallop of a punch!  Made from aircraft aluminum, this lightweight container protects your stash from UV rays as well as prying eyes. Its also water-proof allowing the CannaPuck to be submerged in liquid up to thirty days without a drip getting inside.


Aircraft Aluminum

BlazeBags CannaPuck is made from the alloy of choice for precision applications, Aircraft Aluminum.  From high performance jet aircraft to Space-X rockets, this tried and true alloy has made its way to BlazeBags.  Aircraft aluminum is used to reinforce the structure of aircrafts because its as strong as steel but a fraction of the weight. This makes the CannaPuck a perfect choice for a personal transport; its lightweight and strength! Aircraft aluminum is also extremely resistant to corrosion.  Additionally, it is UV ray proof and keeps one of herbs worst enemies, light, off of your stash, preserving its quality.

Anodized Finish

The CannaPuck is also made from anodization process which converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.  This finish is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, but is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate, so it cannot chip or peel.

Waterproof Apron

The CannaPuck is also constructed with a waterproof apron allowing for complete submersion for up to 30 days without a drop getting inside.  This enables you to take the CannaPuck literally anywhere with no worry about it’s contents being damaged or its smells seeping out!!

  • Accidentally drop it?  Big Deal
  • Want to go float the river or surf in the ocean?  Leave it in your pocket.
  • Got a little herb left over after your session?  Don’t throw it back into the big jar, pop it in a CannaPuck!

Additional Info

  • Diameter: 55mm x Height: 23mm
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Anodized colors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Unbreakable
  • Kief-sweep included
  • CannaPucks comes in four awesome colors:  Black, Blue, Gray and Purple!  Collect all four!

Additional information


Black, Blue, Purple, Gray

3 reviews for The CannaPuck

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  1. T. Brown

    I have just received the containers. They are sturdy, sleek design and came sealed and packaged well. As of right now I can not sense any smell coming from the container at all.

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    • BigAk (store manager)

      You cant sense a smell coming from it now, and you never will. Say hello to your new best friend! Thank you for helping to make this dream a reality! Enjoy your CannaPucks!!

  2. Stephanie Rodrguez

    This is a must have for floating the river!

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    • BigAk (store manager)

      That’s exactly what we had in mind presenting this product! Enjoy your first float this year! Welcome to the BlazeBags fam!

  3. hoops2157 (verified owner)

    Hey AK, the CannaPuck is great! I’m not a cannabis user but I have a couple cats & filled it with catnip and they could care less about the container cuz they can’t smell the catnip inside – PERFECT! So glad I got it!

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