The DispensaryStash Smell Proof Locking Exit Bag



?Contribute to the green movement!  NO MORE PLASTIC!
?Personalize your experience at the dispensary!
?Leave the dispensary discreetly!  No more rushing home.  Take your exit bag everywhere and no one will know!
?Collect all four colors!!



Exit in Style!!

You go to the dispensary at the end of a long day in search of the perfect product to take home and knock the edge off.  You make small talk with your budtender as you settle on a cart for your vape pen, some edibles and the perfect strain of flower to end the day.  You make your purchase and your budtender hands you a big, tacky ass, plastic ziplock looking bag with stickers all over it and possibly branding from the dispensary.   Dead giveaway!!  You leave the dispensary to head home wanting to be incognito, but now everyone knows what you have! You have to go through the extra step of hiding that plastic bag to keep any kind of drama away.  To add insult to injury, when you finally get home, you fumble with the zipper for about five minutes because, while they are childproof, they hard as hell for anyone to get in!  Does this sound familiar?  Well say goodbye to plastic exit bags!  BlazeBags is here to change the game once again!


Introducing the DispensaryStash Smell Proof Locking Exit Bag!!!


No more Plastic Exit Bags!!

In most recreational states dispensaries are required to put your purchase in a smell proof, childproof exit bag.  They are usually plastic, ziploc type bags that are tacky and hard to get into.  They cost 2 dollars and if you forget it, lose it or throw it away, like most of us do, you will be paying that 2 dollars again and again and again.  Well say goodbye to those days!  BlazeBags has our reusable, smell proof, locking exit bag and its here to change the game!!  No more hiding your exit bag.  No more hiding your bag or worrying about law enforcement.  This bag is lockable and, absent any reasonable suspicion, a warrant will be needed to legally access the contents of your locked exit bag.

The Bag Pays for Itself!

Those plastic exit bags cost 2 dollars a pop.  If you forget yours, you have to pay two dollars every time.  And, lets face it, who keeps these bags?  If you are anything like us, you get rid of them as soon as you get home as you transport your stash into something a little better for storage.


How Does it Work?

The DispensaryStash exit bag uses the BlazeBags 5 layer activated carbon technology that all of our bags, pouches and stash boxes come equipped with.  At the heart of the five layers is an activated carbon filter that traps and eliminates any and all odors.  The outer layer is backed by PVC making it water resistant and sealing in any remaining odor to be bounced back down to the 3rd layer, the Activated Carbon Filter.  The GoStash is also equipped with our rubber sealing, water resistant zippers, protecting it’s contents and repelling any moisture that may try to seep in.  What this means for you is a totally smell proof transport, every time!

A Black and red diagram detailing the 5 layers of fabric with activated carbon filter at the center structure of BlazeBags


The DispensaryStash exit bag is equipped with a 3 combo locking system, ensuring your bags contents are only seen by who it’s supposed to be seen by! You!!  Great for transporting your goods home from the dispensary all the while staying in line with local laws and ordinances.  And with a subdued BlazeBags logo, this is also a great general purpose carry pouch!  You can now move around in style and discretion and carry your stash wherever you go!!


BlazeBags Branded Interior

Even though the BlazeBags logo is subdued for secrecy, you can rest assured this bag is backed by blazebags quality!  We’ve also added a BlazeBags insert so you can rest assured you aren’t rolling with a knockoff.  Nope, this is strictly BlazeBags quality!

The DispensaryStash Smell Proof Locking Exit Bag is great for:

  • Dispensary to home transport
  • General carrying
  • Securely transporting cash
  • Travelling
  • Keeping its contents secure.
  • Protection against unreasonable search and seizure

Additional Info:

  • Subdued embroidered logo
  • The perfect 11 x 6 form factor.  Carry what you need without being bulky
  • Rubberized sealing upgraded zippers.  Don’t worry about your zippers breaking!
  • Carbon lined to absorb and kill odors before they have a chance to leave the bag
  • 3 digit combo locking system for secure, smell free carrying, all day, everyday!

Additional information

Dimensions11 × 6 in

Black, Blue, Red, Gray


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