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The GoStash

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🔥 Keep your stash safe with our 3 digit combo locking system
🔥 Smell free transport with BlazeBags Activated Carbon Technology.  No one will know what you are carrying
🔥 Extra large bag.  Fit all your gear inside!
🔥 Extra large smell-proof back pocket and inner stash pocket
🔥 Front zipping storage pocket

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The Best in Smell-Proof Technology!!

Never have a stinky bag again!!!  The big dog of the BlazeBags starting line up, the GoStash is a must have for any true Responsible Stoner!  Perfect for hiking, hunting, camping and anything else involving the outdoors.  The GoStash is also great for grow operations as the size of these bags make them ideal for transport from grow to dispensary. The GoStash will be your go to for all your odor-free exploits.  Any activity you have planned, the GoStash will literally “have your back.”

How Does it Work?

The GoStash uses the BlazeBags 5 layer activated carbon technology that all of our bags, pouches and stash boxes come equipped with.  At the heart of the five layers is an activated carbon filter that traps and eliminates any and all odors.


The outer layer is backed by PVC making it water resistant and sealing in

any remaining odor to be bounced back down to the 3rd layer, the Activated Carbon Filter.  The GoStash is also equipped with our rubber sealing, water proof zippers, protecting it’s contents and repelling any moisture that may try to seep in.  What this means for you is a totally smell proof transport, every time!


The GoStash is equipped with a 3 combo locking system, ensuring your bags contents are only seen by who it’s supposed to be seen by! Great for long days in the airport, road or rail travel or just storing your stash at home, the GoStash will give you peace of mind that it’s safe!!

Multiple Pockets and storage

The GoStash has daisy chain gear loops on the front of the bag allowing you to attach small, useful items while you are hiking as well as a small storage pocket.  There is also an extra large storage pocket on the back of the bag and an extra large inside storage pocket.  Both equipped with BlazeBags sealing waterproof smell proof rubber zippers.

The GoStash is great for:

  • Hunting, fishing and hiking
  • Keeping your camping food inside
  • Grow to dispensary transport
  • Traveling
  • Keeping its contents secure.

Additional Info:

  • Embroidered logo
  • Upgraded padded straps
  • 12 x 6 x 23 in open
  • 18 x 12 x 6 in folded
  • Strong Velcro for a tight, smell-proof seal
  • Carbon lined to absorb and kill odors before they have a chance to leave the bag
  • 3 digit combo locking system for secure, smell free carrying, all day, everyday!



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Army Green

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  1. Dusty Jorgenson

    It’s the best travel luggage! Very durable and comfortable. Will definitely take it road tripping. Incredible for my van life living.

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • BigAk (store manager)

      Thank you for your support! Glad you like the GoStash! Welcome to the BlazeBags fam!

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