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Introducing the BlazeBags DispensaryStash Smell Proof Locking Exit Bag

We know it’s next to impossible to maintain your privacy and sanity as a mom.  Well just because you are a parent doesn’t mean you gave up who you are and what you enjoy!  Let our smell proof, lockable bag do the heavy lifting of holding all your stinky secrets!!!


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Imagine ending a hard day of work already stressed about the high rent prices, gas prices, food prices and another night of dealing with kids.  You want nothing more than to go home and relax and kill some stress.  You decide on the way home to stop and pick up some meds to manage your stress from your favorite herbalist.  You pick out the best medicine (or recreational fare) money can buy and as you prepare to leave, you are handed a big, tacky plastic bag that resembles an oversized zip lock bag. Your first problem.  To add insult to injury, you are charged a whopping 2 dollars for the bag, a price you are charged again and again if you forget the bag at home.

You try to stuff the bag in your purse, but it’s too big to fit, so you make the trip from the store to the car all the while trying not to bring attention to your bag that everyone now has a clear idea of what’s inside.   You throw it in your trunk to avoid any kind of dust up with the law.


You get home and now have another problem to solve.  You have to get this bag into the house past the kids without arousing suspicion. Even though you are a parent that doesn’t mean you should have to give up your special treats or medication. You manage to get past the chorus of hugs, kisses and complaints about the day and make it to your room only to be hit with another problem.  How are you going to keep your meds safe from your kids and vice versa?  Anyone can get inside this plastic bag.

Sound Familiar? Well BlazeBags has the Solution for You!!

The DispensaryStash

Our smell proof locking exit bag



Use the code: RESPONSIBLEMOM for free shipping!

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How Does It Work?

BlazeBags is constructed of five layers of quality fabric with an activated carbon filter at its core.  That filter absorbs all odors allowing you to go anywhere with anything undetected.  The outer layer of fabric is backed with PVC backing, making your exit bag water resistant and making cleaning a breeze.  Just spot clean with a towel.  To reactivate the filter, pop it in a dryer on low for 20 minutes.  

A Black and red diagram detailing the 5 layers of fabric with activated carbon filter at the center structure of BlazeBags


Use the code: RESPONSIBLEMOM for free shipping!


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If you're not happy with our products we offer a 30 day refund policy.


With Fraud Detection in place you can rest assured your transaction is safe!

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Use the code: RESPONSIBLEMOM for free shipping!

I love the versatility of BlazeBags products. I really needed something that locked and the fact that it is also smell proof was the icing on the cake for me. I carry it with me almost everywhere I go. I highly recommend these products. There is something for everyone.
S. Ulvick
Real Estate Agent / Loyal Customer
It is exactly what I was looking for to hold my goodies. Its great quality and easy to lock and unlock once you have your combination. I totally recommend especially if you have any little ones.
T. Brown
Hardworking mom / Loyal Customer

Get yours today!


Use the code: RESPONSIBLEMOM for free shipping!

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