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Say goodbye to nosey Noses!!

From your weed to your accessories, BlazeBags has got you covered.  With our activated carbon filter and our new and improved locking system your stash is safe and sound!

We get it .  You’re a pro at balancing work and play.  But why let anyone in on your little secret? The real party is happening inside your StashBox, and the world outside? Well, they’re not invited! 


Why blazebags?

The BlazeBags StashBox is the Perfect Companion

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  • 🔒 Three-Digit Peace of Mind: Our 3-digit combination lock ensures that your special memories stay securely tucked away.

  • 💨 No Scent Escapes: Thanks to our 5 layers of quality fabric and activated carbon filter, scents are sealed inside, leaving no trace behind.

  • ♻️ Eco-Conscious Beauty: For the eco-conscious, our product is crafted with sustainability in mind, preserving our planet’s beauty.  No more storing in plastic!

  • 💼 Sleek and Portable: It’s chic, discreet, and easily adapts to your dynamic lifestyle – at home, during social gatherings, or wherever your adventures take you!


BlazeBags is constructed of five layers of quality fabric with an activated carbon filter at its core.  That filter absorbs all odors allowing you to go anywhere with anything undetected.  The outer layer of fabric is backed with PVC backing, making your exit bag water resistant and making cleaning a breeze.  Just spot clean with a towel.  To reactivate the filter, pop it in a dryer on low for 20 minutes.  

A Black and red diagram detailing the 5 layers of fabric with activated carbon filter at the center structure of BlazeBags


$39.99 – $44.99

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Customizable Storage

The BlazeBags StashBox comes with detachable Velcro partitions, allowing you to tailor your storage needs. With both an upper and lower divider, plus a zipper pocket inside the lid, it screams easy organization! Rely on the StashBox for safe transportation of your key items!

BlazeBags Smell Proof Stashbox Customizable Interior


$39.99 – $44.99

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Christine ShinnChristine Shinn
13:56 27 Sep 23
The bags are amazing and easy to use. The flip and flick is a great product 👌 but could of called it the co- pilot. Great CEO. Thank u
02:42 30 Aug 23
Great products great customer service i love my stash box grab you 2 or 3 you wont regret it no smell what so ever
RS ThomasRS Thomas
14:38 27 Aug 23
I love my Blaze Bag, it's sturdy, easy to carry, inconspicuous, and holds up to an ounce. Much better than the big obvious plastic exit bags.
Collin LundCollin Lund
17:41 31 Jul 23
I ordered 5!I am very happy with the product and speed of service. I gave some out as gifts, and each recipient was delighted. I myself am very happy with the quality of the product. I would highly recommend.
Faith LindenmuthFaith Lindenmuth
15:33 28 Jun 23
Love Blaze bags!! They are so helpful! I had an issue with my bag, and they tried to help getting it unlocked and replaced it!! Excited to get more from them!
Jessica WilliamsJessica Williams
12:47 28 Jun 23
Absolutely love these blaze bags. Just recently got ours at the Montana state hemp and cannabis cupfest festival.I highly recommend blaze bags to everyone. Also I absolutely love the fact that they all lock!! I not only got an exit bag for the dispensary, I also got a smell proof stash box for all our carrying needs, and we won a THE GOSTASH SMELL PROOF CAMPING AND SURVIVAL BACKPACK during a raffle at the cupfest ,we definitely do camping and hunting this bag will be used for sure. So for those who are reading this drop everything go get you a blazebag that fits your needs from small to big you won’t be disappointed!!

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$39.99 – $44.99

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