The Top Three Days of Cannabis Sales in 2021

As you all know 420 is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited.  420 to the stoner is like Christmas to the kid.  It’s that one day of the year where all stoners unite regardless of where they are at or what they are doing, to partake in that GOD GIVEN PLANT and, these days, reflect how far public perceptions have come regarding cannabis.  But is 420 the only special day for stoners?  We were curious about this and set out to see what the biggest days for cannabis sales were in 2021.

The Study:


Akerna is “…a leading enterprise software company and the developer of the most comprehensive technology infrastructure, ecosystem, and compliance engine powering the global cannabis industry…” and has been tracking marijuana sales for over a decade through their SAAS app, MJ Freeway. Akerna’s CEO Jessica Billingsley says sales has shown a constant growth over that time. 

According to Akerna and MJ Freeway, the top three days of Cannabis sales in 2021 are:

  1. 420 / April 20th: 8 million
  2. Black Friday / November 26th: 99 million
  3. Green Wednesday / November 24th: 98.2 million
BlazeBags farmer presenting cannabis plant
Cannabis Sales are Booming

Reasons for the Top Spot:

Honestly for us, 420 was no surprise!  We expected that day to ring registers in dispensaries all over America but hadn’t put much thought into any sales figures past that.  Another big day is Black Friday, or the day after Thanksgiving.   Coming in at 99 million, Black Friday was the second biggest day of the year.  In fact, overall retail traffic dropped 28.3 percent from 2019 to 2021, while cannabis purchases increased 20% in that same time frame.

With Green Wednesday, or the day BEFORE Thanksgiving rounding out the list, I guess it stands to reason that people are stocking up before the long holiday weekends where dispensaries may be hard to get to.  According to The Dose, a cannabis blog by Bloomberg magazine, Cannabis sales on green Wednesday are generally “…40% higher than a typical Wednesday in November…” and 2021 Green Wednesday is the best one on record.  According to Cannabis research firm BDSA’s vice president Kelly Nielsen, this year’s “…overall sales increases could be higher than…40% this year because there’s been more de-stigmatization around the product.”


Young Black Man Handing Elderly White Man In a Wheelchair A Joint
The Stigma Around Cannabis is Disappearing

The Family. Holidays and Stress.

There is also another reason cannabis gets so much love around the holidays.  According to AYR Wellness, “25% of Americans say that family visits for the holidays are stressful. Around 15% of all American parents will use cannabis to deal with holiday-related stress, according to the study. While stress around holidays was a contributing factor to the uptick in sales the same study cited the desire to use cannabis flower and products as gifts around the holidays.

With cannabis sales exploding and with new states going rec every year, storage and transport is a very important consideration.  From our smell proof, lockable StashBox and backpacks, BlazeBags offers you plenty of options!  Take a look at our products here!

Well, there you have it.  The top three days of cannabis sales in 2021.  With more states going recreational, like our home state Montana, rest assured that number will rise with time!  What special days of the year do you buy cannabis?

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