What a Difference a Year Makes!!

4/20 is fast approaching and of course, for us stoners, 420 is a special day!  But it is a special day in more ways than one!  In addition to it being the smoker holiday, it is also BlazeBags birthday!  That’s right, we have been in business nearly a year and we plan on celebrating big!

young friends running with smoke bombs and champagne bottles

The Event

This year in our hometown of Missoula, MT we went recreational on Jan 1, so around these parts there are a whole lot of firsts happening!  One of those first is the 420 mini festival presented by the Montana State Hemp and Cannabis Festival.  Although it isn’t the first festival, it IS the first festival when rec is legal, so there is expected to be a biiiig turn out.  Well, we got a booth at the festival, and we are excited to get out there and connect with the community on our birthday.

To make this a successful event for BlazeBags, we’ve teamed up with XP d’la Rue, an experience concierge and event planning service, to transform our booth from a tent to an experience, and we want you there every step of the way!  We will include you, our fabulous community in our planning to make sure this is the best experience ever! It will be a birthday party in the tent…and a smoke fest on the streets!!

Who’s Invited

But the fun isn’t limited to Missoula!  We have customers all over America and you guys are invited to party as well.  We will be going live, streaming and offering the same sales and deals that we will be offering in person!  There will be raffles and drawings exclusively for our online community and everyone will be included! And why are we doing this?

You!  That’s right.  You guys have made this first year better then we could have ever imagined and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!  Here’s to a great year and many more to come!!  Stay tuned for more exciting info!!!

Rastafari smoking a joint

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