What Happened to BlazeBags

What happened with BlazeBags?

That’s right you guys.  After 6 months of build up and marketing, we dropped 4/20 to an extremely successful first day!  Then we rolled into the second day and were providing you guys with the products we were so excited about sharing with you!  We just knew that this would be the beginning of something very special between BlazeBags and you, our family who has been along for the ride since November of 2020 when we first put up our landing page.

And then the third day hit. 

We got a notice from our payment gateway that our Merchant Account was being shut down. It seems as if they didn’t like our explicit intentions for this to be a company FOR stoners BY stoners.  They wanted us to change up stuff.  Make it more palatable to people who don’t smoke. Make it, for a lack of a better term, vanilla.  

We knew right away that we weren’t changing anything on our site.  BlazeBags was born out of defiance to the system. It was conceived with an implied middle finger to authority. So when a crooked ass bank tries to tell us we can’t promote safe consumption and transport of Marijuana in a state that is perfectly legal, we, rightly, took offense and, maybe as a detriment to us, dug in with bullheaded logic and a stubbornness that rivaled Steve Jobs, we stopped all operations as we set out to find a new merchant processor, who would allow us to run our business as we saw fit.

We are proud to tell you that we did!  

We are officially back up and running, and as you can see, the site is the same!  We say what we want and do what we want.  Because that is what this new world is all about.  Never again will we let anyone control anything we do.  

So lets try this one more time….


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