Why Do I Need a Smell Proof Bag?


Best weed strains of 1977


Some of the best weed strains of 1977 according to Hightimes.com

This is not the ’00’s or the ’10’s! Gone are the days of swag, streebo and brick weed. Nowadays, the Marijuana we ingest is tons stronger then our ancestors! I remember my uncles calling weed “grass” and remember it actually looking like grass. “Why the hell are they smoking this?” I used to wonder. But now, with some strains reaching 27.46% THC, the potency is too much to ignore. It no longer looks like grass and, if you have a good enough connect, smells like a hit skunk on a country road on a hot summer day. you know, that lovely, skunk smell that us weed heads enjoy! Now, we aren’t saying that the smell of weed dictates the potency, but we have yet to have some stinky that we didn’t enjoy. And, although we enjoy the smell, and attitudes towards the plant are changing rapidly, there is still a place for smell proof technology, namely in the home setting as well as travelling.

Not just a “weed bag”

Smell-proof bags are not only great for toting and storing your stash but have a host of other uses! With activated carbon at the core, these technologically advanced bags not only trap all odors before they escape the bag, they also keep your contents fresh!. From using our GoStash survivalist bag to pack camping food for the great outdoors, to toting one to the gym for your post-workout stinky clothes, smell-proof bags always come through in a clinch! Also, with their stylish appearance, they can be carried daily without arousing any suspicion. Additionally, if constructed correctly and with quality materials, smell-proof bags can be your everyday backpack, pouch or sling absent of any use for weed.

Generational Differences

Although public attitudes are shifting when it comes to the acceptance of MJ, personal attitudes may have a little more evolving to do. According to a USA Today article, “…51.4 million Americans who now live in multigenerational households represent a 10% increase since 2007.”

That’s right. We are in a weird time where you might be in a position to have to hide your stash from your kids AND your parents!! These multigenerational families have different outlooks on weed and odor-free storage is a benefit. From nosey, curious kids to parents who have place the middle generation into a child’s role, daily life for many resembles a never ending Thanksgiving get together. And stuck in the middle is the smoker. From stinky velour liquor bags to half smoked items, there is a better way to store your stash!!

Cousins after a thanksgiving smoke


Coming back after that “walk” with cousins on Thanksgiving

Benefits of a Smell-Proof Bag

Smell-proof bags provide protection that other smell-proof options don’t. Glass jars are smell-proof, but they do a horrible job of protecting your stash. Unless you keep it in a dark, cool place, the sunlight is going to hit it and the UV rays will dry out your bud. Glass jars are also notorious for attracting humidity, another detriment to that bomb. Too much will make the weed go bad quicker and too little will dry out your stash and you will be smoking tumbleweeds. Not to mention the big, bulky shape of these jars. If you drop it or fall on it, you, my friend, are SOL.

BlazeBags smell-proof bags, on the other hand, have, at its core, an activated carbon filter that attracts and neutralizes smells and keeps them locked in. The filter helps keep the contents fresh and regulated and helps preserve your stash longer. The outer polyester fabric with PVC backing is UV proof, so no light gets in to dry your weed out and, the PVC backing rejects humidity. This keeps your stash just as sticky as the day you put it inside. Correctly constructed smell-proof bags also have quality zippers that seal together to trap any remaining smells that try to escape while keeping moisture out!

BlazeBags structure


BlazeBags makeup


No matter how we feel about weed as stoners, the general public still has some evolving to do. Some people are offended by the smell of weed (an offense we will never understand) and some people who shouldn’t get into your weed are always searching. Having a smell-proof bag ensure neither of those types of people will approach you about your stash.

A good smell-proof bag comes equipped with some kind of locking system like our Smell-Proof StashBox, our GoStash and our DispensaryStash. With locking systems in place, these bags provide snoop-proof protection from anyone who shouldn’t be in your bag! Also, your contents remain safe and intact for the next time you access your bag. In addition to locking the bag, smell-proof bags are perfect for transporting all of your accessories. A good smell proof bag has compartments to place your gear in to keep it all in place, safe and ready to use when you are!


A smell-proof bag is a life changer for the Cannabis Enthusiast and every stoner needs one! It’s one of those things that you will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. If you are a true connoisseur,, the benefits of the technology will be apparent to you the first time you put your lovely flower inside. Stop carrying your weed in old liquor bags and shoe boxes. Give the tree you love so much the respect it deserves. Get you a smell proof bag today!!

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